ministry team training

Ministry Team Training

About Training

19north's Ministry Team Training is a powerful way to take your discipleship of Jesus to the next level. Ministry Team Training is an intense 10-week group study of God and faith, with a strong emphasis on what His Word says about healing, His will to heal, and what the Bible reveals about ministering and receiving healing.

We expect that during your study of the material and during the group discussions, the Spirit of God will bring to light things about the nature of faith and Himself that will revolutionize every area of your life and equip and empower you to communicate the faith with boldness and clarity to help and impact others.

This training will ignite a passion for seeking and serving God, while helping you connect with others in 19north who share that passion. Ministry Team Training will better equip you for ministry, especially in the exciting areas of disciplining others. The training is required for those who wish to serve as Prayer Partners and Spiritual Personal Trainers, and is highly recommended for all who want to strengthen their faith and relationship with the Healer.

If you are interested in taking part in our Ministry Team Training, please visit our Upcoming Events to find and register for our next training session. We're excited to add your testimony to the list of lives changed through this awesome experience!